Transpiration and Photosynthesis

The various advantages of transpiration are

–          Generates transpiration pull that helps in the absorption and transport of water in plants.

–          Provides water for photosynthesis.

–          The minerals are transported from the soil in the various parts of the plants.

–          The leaf surface is cooled by the process of evaporation.

–          The cell turgidity is enhanced which maintains the shape and structure of the plants.

 The plants active in photosynthetic process are known to have never-ending requirement for water. The photosynthesis is managed by the water present in the plant and the available amount water can be reduced by transpiration. The humidity present in the rainforests is considered to be part of the process of recycling of water from plant root to leaves and to the atmosphere and in turn to the soil.

The water loss due to transpiration is regulated by the evolutionary process by the emergence of C4 plants possessing C4 photosynthetic system. These plants are evolved to maximize the CO2 availability and reduce the loss of water. The carbon fixation in C4 plants is considered as more efficient than that of C3 plants. For fixing the same amount of carbon-dioxide, C4 plants were found to be losing half the amount of water that is lost from C3 plants. 


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